FKM QUICKCHECK is easy to use and is supplied with macros for FEMAP. FKM QUICKCHECK can also be used with other software products. However, export files must be created for this purpose. The use of VIEWER4WINLIFE further simplifies the operation.

Proofs according to FKM Guideline

The STATIC PROOF and the FATIGUE STRENGTH ASSESSMENT (assessment of the fatigue limit and fatigue strength for finite life) for non-welded components under proportional stress are performed according to the FKM guideline using local stresses generated by FEM. The use of nominal stresses is not supported by winLIFE FKM QUICKCHECK.

Access to the FEM is only possible if winLIFE FKM QUICKCHECK has been purchased. If this is not the case, the proof can only be carried out for one stress tensor to be entered by the user in the proof point.

The procedure is illustrated in the following two figures:

Flow chart for fatigue strength assessment according to the FKM guideline

Proof of Fatigue Limit for the Non-Proportional Case

The proof for non-proportional stresses is not carried out according to the specifications of the FKM guideline, but by means of a worst-case analysis. The procedure specified in the FKM guideline could not be implemented in a convincing user guidance, so a another method was chosen.