winADAM (Automated DAta acquisition in Mobile applications)

Realistic driving cycles are of great importance for the prediction of fatigue life, emissions and fuel consumption. The winADAM measurement data acquisition system, which was specially developed for this purpose, records video data and position in addition to various driving dynamics and mechanical variables. Our own measurement vehicle (MB CLA 180 d Shooting Brake) is available for test drives.

winADAM is a measurement data acquisition system including all hardware and software needed for data measurement and data analysis.

  • You can install the system and start measurement in only 1 minute,
  • You can collect numerous driving data without additional sensor installation,
  • It is extremly robust. Military use and drives on race courses like Nürburgring wer done successfully.

Measurement data are used to assess powertrains, driver behaviour, real time regulation of test rigs or specifications for vehicle simulations.

winADAM video travel

Measurement system winADAM

winADAM, closed for transport

Structure of the measurement system

winADAM consists of a box (Figure 1) where a Notebook and the following sensors are installed: 

  • Yaw-rate,
  • GPS,
  • Environment pressure,
  • Video-camera,
  • 3 acceleration sensors in 3D directions (vertical, longitudinal, transverse).
  • Temperatur sensor and hygrometer

prepared Connections for further measurement values

analogous-digital converter for 5 analogous channels with a voltage in between -10 und + 10 V. The channels are always logged no matter if other external channels exist.

A CAN-Interface ist included and the collection of 20 CAN-Signals always happens. The configuration is got from a *.dbc file which has to be prepared by the customer. 

Sample rates for measurement

Yo can use winADAM for long-term measurements over several days or even weeks with a reduced sample rate. On the other hand you can do high dynamic measurements using high sample-rates. You can select the sample rates according to the following table.

  • Video, 1-24 Hz
  • Analougus channels, 1-200 Hz
  • CAN-channel, 1-200 Hz
  • USB ( Temperature) 1 Hz

Mounting in the vehicle

The following actions are necessary to mount into a vehicle:

  • the box should be fixed horizontally in the car,
  • GPS-Antenna is fixed by magnetic foot on the roof,
  • the camera is fixed by a suction foot on the windshield,
  • in the case CAN-data are collected the CAN plug must connected to the vehicle CAN-socket. Turning on the Computer the measurement program is started automatically. The vehicle should stand nearly horizontally because a calibration of the acceleration sensors happens. Oblique Standing while calibaration can be repared reprosepctively after the measurement.

Carry out the measurement

While measurement winADAM does not need any user activities. An acoustic signal each 10 seconds shows the correct function. Occuring faults are signaled by language edition in clear text (e.g. „no power supply“) so that you can monitor winADAM alone acoustically.

While measurement user entries are possible e.g. to describe the environment or traffic regulations linked to the location of measurement. By this capabilities an extensive documentation of the measured route is got.

Possible entries are :

  • text entries: e.g. name of the City 
  • Function Buttons frequent traffic signs: e.g. speed limitations

A real time GPS-tracking shows the driven course and gives a visual check of the plausibility of measurement. winADAM can work up to 4 hours by supply of the internal accumulators. For longer  duration of measurements a plug in to the cigarette lighter is recommended. The sample rate for measurement can selected different for the channel Groups.

GPS is sampled 1 time a second. Video sample rate can be up to 30 Pictures a second. In case of Long Duration measurements a samle rate of 1 Picture a second can selected resulting in a large space capacity for some weeks measurements.

Sample rate of all analogous data is identic but can selected up to 200Hz per channel. CAN-data too can use up to 200 Hz.

Evaluation software

Following capabilities exist:

Plausibility check and Data creation for further applications

First step is to check the availability and plausibility of the measured data. Fault values are marked and if possible corrected. While this step also files are created for EXCEL, DIADEM and files for winEVA Computer Simulation and real time test rig simulation 


Visualisation of data:

For the visualisation of the measurement data three synchronized Windows are shown:

  • Route in a map (can be shown in google-earth),
  • Measured data as Signal versus time and length
  • Video Picture

post processing of data,

You can interactively modify the data. You can create share routes, which you can sort in different order. If you create a new route by combining different share routes an automatic adaption of length and time coordinate is created. The measured GPS-data are connected by splines.

Using the video pictures a post processing enables you to add information like traffic densitiy, traffic lights, Speed Limits .


Screenshot while post processing
measured route /Yellow - red) shown in Google earth


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Two different versions are avaialble:

  • Standard-configuration:

In the standard configuration winADAM uses a GPS receiver with a sample rate of 1 second

  • advanced version

A DGPS-receiver with data correction via satellit is used: The sample rate is 10 Hz.


Using Steinbeis cars for measurement 

Steinbeis owns 3 measurement cars which can ordered by customers for measurement tasks:

One day measurement including evaluation costs:

in MB SL 350
2.500 € / day
Mercedes CLA 180 CDI (Dieselmotor, manuelle Schaltung)
2.000 € / day   
Mercedes B-Klasse Allrad 220, DCT Automatik
2.200 € / day

Renting winADAM

Daywise costs.
day rent (Minimum 2 days)  280,00 €

Purchase Prices 

winADAM Standard-configuration inkluding hard- und software without CAN-'interface
without CAN-'Interface CAN-Interface 9.900 €
additional CAN-Interface 1.500 €
Advanced Version with DGPS-Receiver and CAN-Interface  19.900 €