winLIFE (Fatigue Life Information Finite Elements)

Our program for calculating the fatigue life of components is winLIFE. Various modules are available for the different areas of application required.

Using FKM-guideline and advanced procedures for welded and non-welded structures with local stresses coming from FEA. Static, fatigue and endurance limit prove according to FKM-guideline for the point of prove. Extensions to FKM:
Finding the critical point as the prove point by analysing all nodes on the surface. A worst case analysis is done to find the critical stress combination and for this the utilisation ratio is predicted. 

This is the basic module which supports the elementary methods of fatigue life calculation. For components used in the fields of automobile, aeroplane, wind energy and shipping. There is also a university version available.

This is an additional winLIFE module for the fatigue life calculation of components where the principal stress directions are rotating.

The same functionality as winLIFE MULTIAXIAL but the cores available can be used. Results are produced at a much higher speed.

This is an additional winLIFE module for calculating the fatigue life of gearwheels and bearings.

Crack propagation based on nominal stresses according to Paris and Erdogan Ratwani´s equation.

A vibration fatigue analysis in the case of random excitations given by PSD (Power Spectal Desity). In the aerospace, ship, electronic and railway industry it is this a very common design procedure. Experimental tests have to be proofed for certification of the structure and now you can give a fatigue estimation by calculation.

This is an additional module for winLIFE to show the results graphically over the 3D component. It simplifies the use because you can check the result by one mouse click.

Additional module to investigate statistic relations between important properties of fatigue parameters